The Grein Team: We Have the Most Competitive Listing Agreement Available in the Lake Ozarks Area

Why you should hire a real estate listing agent to help sell your home

“Finally, serious sellers understand that they can’t sell their homes alone. Like it or not, a serious seller hires a real estate broker and experienced attorney and accepts that their commission and fees are just two more costs of selling for top dollar, quickly.”

~Stephen M. Pollan, Mark Levine, and Betsy Batos, Stephen Pollan’s Foolproof Guide to Selling Your Home

real-estate-lawn-sign-sold-rider-insert-in-front-of-a-house-for-sale-by-realtorIf you’re like most people, selling your home is likely to be the biggest financial transaction you are ever personally involved in. Currently, the median home value in Missouri is $134,500, which is a one-year-over-year increase of 4.6%. Values are expected to go up another 3.1% by 2017.

Done the right way, the process can be quick, relatively painless, and quite profitable, so you can move onto the next chapter of your life.

Done the wrong way, you can face months or even years of delays, buyer disinterest, and unacceptable offers that can potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Tip #1 –Get professional Help from a Licensed Missouri Real Estate Agent

This is the tip, from which all other tips smoothly flow. Everything you need to do to sell your anywhere in Missouri, and more specifically in the Lake of the Ozarks area, can be done better with the help of a real estate professional serving as your Selling agent.

Tip #2 –Ask for the Right Price

You will always see the most interest in your home within the first 30 days of listing it. This means that if you want to sell it quickly, you should price it accordingly. The tired old strategy of asking for a price that is overly-inflated with the idea that you will drop later as a negotiating tactic does nothing but scare some buyers away and delay your sale.

The Grein Team will have information about what comparablehomes in your area are selling for, not just what people areasking for.
For example, here is a snapshot of median home values in central Missouri:
• $134,500 –Statewide
• $279,000 – Sunrise Beach
• $249,000–Linn Creek
• $218,000 – Rocky Mount
• $192,000 – Camdenton
• $175,000 – Osage Beach

Real estate agents will have more detailed information about “comparable” homes – same number of bedrooms/bathrooms, same age, same amount of acreage, etc.With this information, you can come up with a reasonable figure that is acceptable to you and attractive to the highest number of buyers possible.

Tip #3 –Look at Things from Your Buyer’s Perspective

real-estate-broker-listing-contract-over-busy-realtor-desk-in-realty-agent-resale-officeStrong, positive curbside appeal is one of the best indicators of the level of interest in your home – how many people come to see the home, how many people make offers, and the size of those offers.
• If a home is lacking an appealing, welcoming exterior, potential buyers will never even ask for the key to see the interior. Some suggested touches include

• Well-maintained lawn and landscaping
• Blooming flowers
• Fresh paint
• New garage door
• Updated windows
• And anything else to improve the overall “first impression”
Your Selling agent can put you in touch with various contractors and professionals to enhance your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

Tip #4 – Modernize the Interior on the Fly

If the interior of your home needs a facelift, new paint, modern appliances and stylish fixtures can work wonders, all without breaking the bank. The key is to update your home in tune with current trends.
A knowledgeable Selling agent will keep abreast of what is “hot” in the market and can advise you accordingly.

Tip #5–Remember the Three “D’s”

If your goal is to make the most favorable impression on prospective buyers, then you are going to want to:
• Deep clean the entire house. Consider hiring a professional cleaning crew.
• De-clutter the home by removing excess furniture and decorations. Add accent mirrors to give the illusion of even more space.
• De-personalize your home by removing family photographs. The idea is to have them picture THEIR family in the home, not yours.

Tip #6 –Make Your Home Accessible to Would-Be Buyers

Remember that prospective buyers want to see the home on THEIR schedule, not necessarily yours – weekends, evenings, or early in the morning. The more flexible you are, the more people your Selling agent can bring by.
One important point – when people are viewing the home, YOU shouldn’t be there. Most people feel more comfortable discussing the pros and cons of the home – “taking mental ownership” if the previous owner isn’t there.

Tip #7 – Put up Your Pets

In an ideal situation, prospective buyers never even need know that you have pets. For better or worse, people associate pets with damage to the home. If it is at all possible, remove your pets when people are coming to see the property.

Tip #8 –List Your Home EVERYWHERE

A good Selling agent will be way ahead of you on this one. Your home should be prominently displayed on all of the popular sites –Trulia, Zillow, and, as well as on social media sites like Facebook.
This is another big example the advantage of using a professional. Usually, both the agent AND their agency will have your home listed on their individual business pages, increasing the number of views that your property receives.

Tip #9 –A Good Picture Is Worth Thousands of Dollars

Since most buyers begin their home search online, you can greatly increase their interest by including a large number of high-quality photos – the more, the better.
Try to showcase the exterior and each individual room – imagine it’s a photo shoot for a professional magazine. Your Selling agent may recommend using a professional photographer, because this is one time when cell phone pictures probably won’t do the trick.

Tip #10 – Sell Your Neighborhood, Not Just Your Home

Make sure that prospective buyers know about everything that your area has to offer – good schools, nearby dining and shopping opportunities, neighborhood parks, etc. Your home is part of a “lifestyle package” that, when properly showcased, can attract the greatest number of interested buyers.

Each one of these tips requires a little extra effort on the part of both you and your Selling agent, but it is this extra effort that can mean the difference between a quick sale at your asking price and months on the market desperately fielding lowball offers.