Entertaining At-Home Activities

We know social distancing can be tough but we're here to offer some ideas of things you can do around your home to stay entertained. Our experienced team of real estate agents near Osage Beach, MO knows how important it is to stay healthy while staying inside and we've filled this blog with some fun and exciting things you can do to stay entertained while inside the safety of your home. Check them out!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Take this chance to try that new recipe you've been thinking about. Now's a great opportunity to try some new things in the kitchen. You and your family will appreciate something new and different to eat. If it doesn't go so well, you can try it again tomorrow -- there's plenty of time to perfect it!

Play a Board Game

Grab a seat at the kitchen table or gather around the coffee table and plan an old fashioned board game. Board games keep your mind engaged and create some great friendly competition! It's a fun way to pass the time without devices in our hands.

Go for a Walk

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Being cooped up inside can be draining. Take some time to recharge by getting outdoors. There are a few sunny days ahead and this may be the extra boost you need to get going!

Read a Book

When is the last time you read a book you enjoyed? Grab one of your favorites or download one you've been wanting to ready. Here's your chance to catch up on some of the latest literature. A book is a great escape and keeps your brain active and healthy!

Practice Yoga

Yoga has many mental and physical health benefits. Staying active while you're inside can help keep your mind in a good space. New to yoga? There's a ton of online yoga instruction videos available!

Write a Letter

Everyone loves receiving a hand-written letter. If one of your close friends or family members are quarantined at home alone, give them a bright spot in their day with a letter. It doesn't have to be hard -- just let them know you're thinking about them!

Binge a New Show

Has everyone been talking about that new show that's piqued your interest? Now's your chance to catch up on it! With many streaming services available, you can find a show you're sure to love!

Host a Scavenger Hunt

If you love getting creative, a scavenger hunt may be a fun way to keep you and your family entertained. Make it fun and challenging for your kiddos as they search around for items around the house!

Which activity are you most eager to try? Have multiple things on your to-do list now? It sounds like we're all going to be inside for a few more days so you have plenty of time to knock off a few of your favorites from our list above. The Grein Team is blessed to be in our Lake of the Ozarks community that cares so much. We're hoping to offer some inspiration with the above list. Did we leave something off our list that you think belongs there? Let us know!

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